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Ethyl Mercaptan

ethyl mercaptan cylinders

Our Thiol-99™ is subject to a rigorous ISO-9000 Quality Management System. Your guarentee of quality is specified in the Thiol-99 Product Data Sheet:

Thiol-99 Product Data Sheet
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cylinder fittings

Our production processes and resulting product are quite benign with respect to worker safety and environmental effects. Production does not have the serious risks associated with hexavalent chromium plating processes.

Environmental, Health, and Safety considerations combine with a Quality focus at all levels of Top Tungsten's operations. As a responsible enterprise, we have a long-standing EHS commitment to the highest standards for our customers and employees while we also protect the Environment in the communities which we live and work.

“Safety first, prevention is fundamental, respect nature, and care for the environment.”

We adopt systematic EHS management that emphasizes ongoing improvements in systems and implementation outcomes. And, we are thorough in implementing effective risk control measures and audits of latent risks.

EHS & Quality Policy
  • Safety first—focus on prevention
  • People-oriented—value life
  • Reputation is paramount
  • Quality is fundamental
EHS Targets
  • Establish a systematic and efficient management system to govern and ensure good EHS outcomes.
  • Define EHS responsibilities and commitments for each employee and subcontractor.
  • Ensure all business activities adhere to applicable laws, regulations and standards.
  • Protect the paramount value of our reputation.