Offshore Engineering Design



HaiShengHao has extensive capabilities we bring to offshore engineering project plans. State of the art design tools are complimented by practical experience.

Our capabilities range from conceptual analysis, feasibility and front-end engineering design (FEED), detailed engineering and shop drawings. Our work is is always performed with a view to effective fabrication, procurement, and construction management.

Schedule control has our attention throughout the entire project. We understand how the lifecycles of various equipment and systems must be considered in design and planning.

Our 3D design models are developed with software such as PLANT (SB3DS), AutoPLANT, AVEVA PDMS, Intergraph SmartPlant 3D, and Tekla XSTEEL.


Further tools include ANSYS, SACS Offshore Analysis & Design, Tribon M3, MOSES, GRLWEAP, Intergraph CAESAR II, and Aspen HYSYS.

Modular Design

Modular design and fabrication have many advantages over conventional "stick-built" construction. With fabrication and testing at our facilities, we can timely deliver a product to high standards in a controlled environment. This advance work reduces time and tasks at the project site. Shop conditions are more favorable for several activities such as coating, insulation, inspecting, and commissioning.

Modular fabrication further allows schedules to be reduced by having more concurrent activities underway. Weather impacts are mitigated and space requirements at the job site are reduced. Procurement and logistics are greatly simplified at a reduced cost. The job site needs for skilled labor and commissioning personnel are substantially curtailed.

Of course, your project will be optimized by some combination of modular and stick-built construction. Our engineering and field experience, combined with our knowledge of labor and procurement costs, will be an asset in developing your plans.


For international clients, all design documents are presented in English (with preferred units). We have over 65 state certified Professional Engineers representing the following disciplines:

  • Structural (8/5/3)
  • Mechanical (2/2/1)
  • Process (3/2/1)
  • Piping (9/5/4)
  • Electrical (4/2/2)
  • Instrumentation (3/3/1)
  • Outfitting (3/1/1)
  • Management (2/2/1)

Engineers in all the above disciplines include Assistant, Junior, and Senior level professionals. The numbers following each indicate the numbers of (Assistant/Junior/Senior) levels.

HaiShengHao Offshore Headquarters

Additionally, we regularly draw on the capabilities of our partner China National Offshore Oil Company (CNOOC) and its subsidiary China Offshore Oil Engineering Company (COOEC) for their engineering and product resources. COOEC owns some of the equipment on our site and is a regular customer of HaiShengHao Offshore.