Your modules require the highest levels of inspection, outfitting, commissioning, and packaging to ensure that systems are readily deployable in the field. A few extra steps in the shop can make a big difference in smooth commissioning in the field.

“We understand the importance of getting everything right before work goes out the door.”

HaiShengHao sees your peace of mind at its primary marketing challenge. When you find you can rely on us to take problems off your plate, you'll join other satisfied clients in recommending us and returning regularly with new projects.

Our Procurement Services provide cost controls and help ensure schedule certainty by organizing the purchase and delivery of equipment, materials, and services for worldwide activities.


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Change is the only constant in the oil & gas industry, especially for offshore engineering. Field work must be done at the same high levels as in our clean orderly shop. We welcome the challenge.

Our offshore engineering services include field installation, inspection, commissioning, operations, and repair. Crews are available globally on short notice. Access our operations and maintenance (O&M) services in diverse industries, including oil and gas, power, utilities, and mining.

We have an experienced construction workforce committed to Quality and EHS excellence to execute projects around the world using proven construction techniques and planning.

We welcome the challenge of field work which requires high levels of skill and planning to execute safely and to spec.